Ian Willcock


Ian Willcock is a digital artist, programmer and composer whose works have been performed and broadcast worldwide. He has received many international prizes, commissions and scholarships including, a residency at the Akademie Schloß Solitude, Germany, the PRS Composition Award (UK), Schrenslompen (commission - City of Amsterdam), Finding the Voice (Les Percussions de Strasbourg, France) and inclusion in the NSA Festival, New York. In 2001, German National Radio broadcast a 45 minute ‘portrait’ programme about him and his work. Several of his pieces are published and his work is available on commercial recordings and DVDs.
His work operates at the intersection of mathematics and expression. His generative processes make extensive use of computer-based modelling to generate structures and material that are both original and vibrant. Recent work has concentrated on the use and integration of intelligent agents and rule-based systems into live performance. This has resulted in a series of collaborative works with digital artist Andrew Greaves, (most recently Narcissus - 2007) and in large-scale, collaborative research and performance projects involving software development, composition and performance such as Fugue and eMerge.

He is currently a visiting research fellow in Multimedia and Live Performance at De Montfort University's Institute Of Creative Technology where he is conducting PhD research.

[biography from the composer's website]