Ian Morgan-Williams


Ian Morgan-Williams is a composer, conductor and music educator. Born and brought up in north Wales, he studied at the RNCM with Anthony Gilbert in the 1980s and, more recently, at the University of Sussex with Martin Butler.

Ian’s music focuses on physical gesture, the illusion of synchronicity, folk idioms and non-octave-repeating scales. He would say his music dances, and invites listeners to focus not on how complex unfamiliar music is, but rather on how simple it isn't.

Current projects are The Knucker (chamber opera, libretto by Stephen Plaice), Passies Pond (voices, electronics and wind band, text by Stephen Plaice) and Arias for Anyones (for Steve Dummer and CoMA Sussex).

Ian divides his time between mid Wales and Sussex.


Montgomery (mid Wales) & Lancing (West Sussex)
United Kingdom