Howard Helvey


Howard Helvey (b.1968) lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is active as a composer, conductor, arranger and pianist, and serves as organist and choirmaster of historic Calvary Episcopal Church. Known particularly for his choral music, his compositions are much performed and recorded throughout the USA and Europe. Howard Helvey is commissioned frequently by church, university (including Stanford, Harvard, and Brigham Young) and professional ensembles.

Howard Helvey tours the US extensively with Richard Steinbach, his piano duo partner. 2001 saw the release of their critically acclaimed debut CD recording Piano Duo. Along with violinist Mari Thomas and cellist Susan Petersen, Mr. Helvey is also a founding member of the Hannaford Piano Trio. He has studied piano with Raymond Herbert, Jan Houser, Richard Morris, and Dolores Gadevsky; and his composition teachers have included John Cheetham, Thomas McKenney, Darrell Handel, and Frederick Bianchi. As someone who is passionate about effective congregational hymn-singing, Mr. Helvey received additional training in hymn-accompanying and organ improvisation from Gerre Hancock.