Henry Law


Henry Law is an independent composer, music producer and musician who has performed at venues such as the Queen Elizabeth hall, the Royal Albert Hall, St Paul’s Cathedral and the British Film Institute, amongst many others.

In combining his preparation as a classical musician with his sensibility for electronic rhythms as a music producer, Henry creates music and sound design for films that are experimental and contemporary.

Heavy steps pushing on pebbles by the beach, children playing at a school down the road, wind battering against a microphone; Henry skillfully releases these noises from their original contexts to create experimental and contemporary soundtracks of everyday living. His deep understanding of recorded material manifested itself in 2007 when Henry, a firm believer in working collaboratively and in giving fellow recording artists a public platform, co-founded his own record label Ominim Records Ltd. with long time musical partner Gerald Chadwyck-Healey. During this time he co-wrote six albums and three EPs under the name ‘Yimino’, the success of which took him to play live at Bloc Festival in 2010.

With a diverse and multi-disciplinary approach in his working partnerships, and in producing for top fashion magazines such as the Financial Times’ How To Spend It, I-D and Dazed and Confused, Henry is now focused on working increasingly more with artists and independent filmmakers.


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