Gilbert Biberian


Gilbert Biberian is one of the most innovative performers and composers working in the field of the guitar today. Keenly aware of the importance of creating a new body of work for the guitar, Gilbert Biberian has stimulated much original composition and along with his own works he has enriched the repertoire of the instrument for all time.

A strong believer in the immense value of chamber music, he was the first to form a guitar ensemble of professional standing, The Omega Players in 1969. The music composed for it reflects this considerable diversity of talent in it.

The Omega Guitar Quartet, formed at the same time, emerged in 1974, with appearances at the Wigmore Hall, in the first English festival of ensembles of guitar, presenting a vast array of new works and arrangements. The Omega Guitar Quartet went on to plough a furrow for the next ten years, pioneering new works and touring many countries.



Photo and Biography from the Composer's website