Gen Doy


I am an artist and writer who uses speaking and singing voices in my work: usually my own voice or the voices of friends and/or my two sons.  My work has been installed in galleries and in non-gallery spaces eg. A National Trust House Dairy at Uppark House; the old electricians workshop, Trinity Buoy Wharf; the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Caistor (collaboration with Lynn Dennison). I have performed live in  the Orangery, Notre Dame Estate Clapham, South London, Oxford House Chapel, Weavers Fields East London, and the Asylum Chapel, Peckham. I have also  sung in a hole in the ground in the garden of a London rectory about to be taken over by developers.

Historical and political concerns are important to my work, and I like to make work in response to sites where there is a cluster of resonant meanings which can be brought from the past to confront the present. Last year I made such a work recording live at Greenham Common. I like to incorporate field-recordings in my work, in order to let the site speak, sing or make sounds in some way. Sometimes I compose my own songs, and sometimes I use existing melodies or words and contribute my own creative input.  

My work has been broadcast on resonance fm, and basic fm, among other radio stations.

A suite of Six Suffolk Soundpieces and Songs was recently completed following a generously subsidised research visit courtesy of the generosity of the Britten-Pears Foundation and Imogen Holst.



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