Frances M Lynch


Frances M Lynch  has pursued an international solo career at the forefront of contemporary vocal music, specializing in Music-Theatre, Electronic Music, Opera, and Chamber Music.

Frances has also been involved in recordings for NMC amongst others, featuring on the covers of magazines like Classical Music and Opera Now.

As a composer Frances has written a great many works for choirs, music theatre, art exhibitions, plays and commercial recordings. This includes “Stella Maris” (Phelim Roland) for a large scale community play staged in front of The Victory in Portsmouth Harbour, with Solent People’s Theatre;  “Shades of Earth” and “Colour Pulse 5” for mixed voices and electronics for Colourscape Festival, “The Emperor and the Nightingale” a children’s opera for Big Mouth Piano Tales; and Tailgneachd nam Ban Bhuidseach (The Witches’ Prophecy) for Còisir Lunnainn (The London Gaelic Choir), and a variety of library music tracks with partner Herbie Clarke. Her most recent work for Minerva Scientifica “AdaBab(ble)” for 5 acapella voices, was premiered at the Science Museum by electric voice theatre in London in October 2015.


[Biography adapted from the Composer's website]