Dorothy Ker


Dorothy Ker has a growing international profile as a distinctive musical voice of her generation. Her music has been performed by leading ensembles Lontano, Apartment House and 175East, and soloists Andrew Sparling and Mieko Kanno. Since 1986 she has taught composition at Reading University, where she currently holds an AHRB Fellowship.

Notable Commissions/Performances/Awards: ACL Festival, Taiwan1998 - Solo for Cello; Asian Contemporary Music Festival, Korea 2002 - The Structure of Memory; Sonorities Festival Belfast 2003 - The Structure of Memory; Lontano, Purcell Room 2002 - [...and...11]; Year of the Artist 2000-2001 - Music for Quiet Spaces; AHRB Fellowship 2001-2004

Her work is essentially poetic, and is innovative in the way it uses timbre, space and resonance. Many of her works are concerned with structural archetype, memory and temporal perception, frequently drawing on visual art, science and literature for analogy and stimulus.