Deborah Broderick Edwards


Deborah Edwards is a composer and improviser.  From conventional piano studies, she became more and more interested in expanding this traditional sound world and attained a Master of Music degree at Kings College London, studying with Nicola Lefanu and David Lumsdaine. 

She has written works for solo instruments, string quartet, chamber ensemble, and choir, which have been performed in the UK and USA.  More recently she has begun to explore electronic music, using Logic, Audiosculpt and MaxMSP.  Many of her most recent pieces involve live manipulation of acoustic instruments and voices. 

She is a founder member of Contakt, a group of composer/performers, and recently set up Plexus, an improvising group, whose members are:  Sally Davies (violin, baritone horn, recorders, voice), Deborah Edwards (piano and electronics), Gordon Edwards (percussion [including tabla]), Jerry Wigens (clarinets, guitar, mandolin).