David Henckel


David Henckel is a contemporary audio-visual artist, experienced in leading complex public art projects which involve multiple partners. He works with emerging & established artists, local communities, commercial organisations and civic institutions to produce immersive installations and experiences.

He has a multi-disciplinary practice often creating work which fuses Science, politics of space, the nature of sound, community engagement and the audience as players within the work. The installation Venus in Sole Visa, brought together artists, physicists, musicians, a visiting composer, NASA and a village community during the 2012 Transit of Venus.

In 2012 he was awarded Axis’ MA Stars and appointed as Artist in Residence at The University of Central Lancashire, where he developed ‘The Sun at Night’ – a dynamic public art installation, which allows audiences to experience a year in the life of the Sun utilising images from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory. It was shown in Preston’s covered market in 2013 and seen on the BBC’s Stargazing Live 2014.

He recently exhibited with 0point3recurring (an artistic collective) at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, as part of Portfolio North West and was one of five Lancashire-based artists commissioned by In Certain Places to develop new temporary public artwork, which was presented during the Preston Guild celebrations in September 2012.

David is currently exploring collaborative and experimental work as part of the Bicrophonic Research Institute and ‘We Are CodeX’ – an evolving collective whose practice blurs the boundary between audience and art form.

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