Caroline Bergvall


Caroline Bergvall is a writer, artist, and performer who works across artforms, media and languages. The recipient of many international commissions, she is a noted exponent of writing and performance methods adapted to contemporary audiovisual and contextual situations, as well as multilingual identities and translocal exchange.

Awarded a Cholmondeley Award for her poetic production (UK, 2017). First recipient of the art literary prize Prix Littéraire Bernard Heidsieck-Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2017). Awarded a Bogliasco Fellowship, Italy (2019).

Projects alternate between books and printed matter, collaborative performances, site-specific installations and soundworks. Her work frequently develops through exploring material traces, literary documents, historical languages, hidden or forgotten knowledges. Her sparse textual, spatial and audio works often expose hidden or difficult historical/political events.