Bennett Zon


Bennett Zon is Professor of Music at Durham University; founder and Director of the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies; and a co-founder and Director of the International Network for Music Theology. He is founder and General Editor of the Cambridge journal, Nineteenth-Century Music Review and the Routledge Book series Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, as well as co-founder and co-owner of Nineteenth-Century JISCmail. He is also an Editor of the Yale Journal of Music and Religion; the Congregational Music Studies book series (Routledge); Nineteenth-Century Contexts; and the Hellenic Journal of Music, Education and Culture.

Zon researches the relationship of music, religion and science in the long nineteenth-century. He has published four monographs. His edited books include Victorian Culture and the Origin of Disciplines (edited with Bernard Lightman: forthcoming); Evolution and Victorian Culture (edited with Bernard Lightman, Cambridge University Press, 2014); Essays in Honour of Nicholas Temperley: Musical Performance Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain (Ashgate, 2012); Music and Orientalism in the British Empire, 1780s–1940s: Portrayal of the East (edited with Martin Clayton Ashgate, 2007); and three volumes of Nineteenth-Century British Music Studies (Ashgate, 2002-2003). He has published in numerous journals; and has contributed many articles to Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, The New Dictionary of National Biography, Grolier Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era, Dictionary of 19th Century Journalism and the New Dictionary of Hymnology.


Picture and biography from Durham University