Antoinette Kirkwood


Born in London on Feb 26th, 1930, Antoinette Kirkwood is an English composer. She studied the piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and composition in London with Dorothy Howell.

In 1961 she married the writer Richard Phibbs. Accompanying her mother, the lieder singer Rome Lindsay, proved an enduring influence. Kirkwood’s style has developed from her three orchestral Fantasias (each based on an Irish folksong), through her six Bartókian Intermezzos for piano (composed in 1959), to the technically demanding exploration of guitar idioms in Soliloquy (1990).

Her output includes a symphony, music for two ballets, various instrumental pieces, including a cello sonata and Rapsodie for harp (both published in 1990), and many songs. Her music is published by Curlew and Andresier.

[Biography from Oxford Music Online]