Andrew Hall


<p>Andrew Hall (b.1985) is a spnm shortlisted composer.  Born in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, he began lessons in the piano and trumpet whilst at school and soon developed an interest in composition.  He received a first-class BA degree in music at the University of Bristol, and is currently completing an MA in composition there under the supervision of Geoff Poole and Nick Casswell. Whilst studying at Bristol he developed his interest not only in contemporary music but also in jazz, conducting the nationally renowned ‘Hornstars’ Big Band and co-founding the Bristol University Jazz Orchestra.  Andrew’s interest in both jazz and contemporary music, and the possible relationships between the two styles, has provided the basis for much of his recent compositional work.  However, he is also inspired by both contemporary culture and non-western traditions, as well as having a keen interest in theatre.Andrew’s recent works include <em>Four </em>for Piano Trio, <em>Pastoral</em> for large orchestra, and the incidental music for the Bristol based shadow play Beyul Demojong, soon to be performed as part of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  His piece <em>Bristol</em> (Pro-Cathedral Lane), written for soprano, clarinet and percussion, juxtaposed local graffiti with a poem by John Betjeman, and was workshopped by the Gemini contemporary music group.<br /></p>