"I am a medium of sound.  As I travel, sound travels."

The second in a series of diary entries by women composers, curated by Writer and Performer Sarah Sayeed.

Yumi Hara's Diary:

I live in a country where I wasn’t born. I perform in countries where I am not living. I operate art music practice in a rock context. I bring improvisation into composition. I am a commuter and an outsider. I am a medium of sound. As I travel, sound travels.




Performers who have commissioned me were either women or gay men. Straight men have never directly commissioned me. I think this is why female composers have fewer opportunities.

Cherry tree 

The flower and the moon 

Is it going to be necessary to sell our ‘-ness’ forever? Will ‘deeply rooted’ to your ‘culture’ and ‘DNA’ always be requirements to ‘exotic’ looking people?

Cherry trunk 

Diversity should mean that you could look any ethnicity and have an unmatched cultural background to what your name sounds like.

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Ten days with: Yumi Hara