"Listening and travelling can put many things into perspective."

The fourth in a series of diary entries by women composers, curated by Writer and Performer Sarah Sayeed.

View from my bus seat whilst wearing headphones

It is important to see a human's face when communicating. Even though this is not always possible, we as humans need facial expressions to communicate. Subtle facial signals are part of a larger communication process, but a simple smile can indicate our approval of a message, while a scowl might signal displeasure or disagreement. Understanding facial expressions and their meaning is an important part of communication. When the face cannot be seen it is harder to communicate.


I’ve always listened to music when I travel, a habit that began with my first portable cassette player. Whenever I leave the house I’m listening to music.



I find this time to be one of the most valuable times of my day. Listening and traveling can put many things into perspective. A time to listen, to watch others process thoughts and my environment.



When someone traveling wears a pair of headphones, they physically look disconnected from other humans travelling around them....



....they appear to have no desire to listen to or connect with the reality surrounding them, existing in their own reality. I have drawn this theory from my own experiences.


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