"For me, writing at the piano is a total love affair."

The third in a series of diary entries by women composers, curated by Writer and Performer Sarah Sayeed.

I am revisiting my compositions that span thirty years and thanks to technology, I am hearing pieces for the first time. It’s exciting to re-engage with my musical past. Listening to them now is evocative, and looking back, I realise I have always had a strong compositional voice. It’s magical.

Growing up in Jersey was an incredible experience; living freely in a beautiful place. This was the start of my compositional journey. I'm proud of my Jersey heritage.

Listening back to the work of my younger self is both radical and enchanting. For me, writing at the piano is a total love affair.

I love to record sounds when out on my travels. My piece ‘Imp’ was created on a Hebridean cliff top.

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Ten days with: Colette Dutot

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