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Seeking Artists and Curators to Respond to the Collection
The British Music Collection is actively seeking new collaborations and curators to draw out the stories within the Collection

With somewhere in the region of 60,000 scores and recordings, plus photos, programme notes, and much, much more, it is fair to say that the British Music Collection is completely vast. 

As guardians of the archive, Sound and Music believes that opportunities to curate to be open to everybody with an interest. We want it to become a platform to draw out stories, memories and experiences, and for these curatorial strands to become an integral and valuable part of the Collection itself.

Would you be interested in writing something to be featured here on the site? Or in curating an online exhibition for the Google Cultural Institute? Or making a Soundcloud playlist on a theme of your choice? Or suggesting a project or some other form of collaboration?

Email Harry, Creative Project Leader at Sound and Music for more details.