Music for Young Players - MOBILES

The sixth article in a series on pieces for young players from the 1960s and 70s

Curated by Composer, Sound artist and Musician, Duncan Chapman.

One of the chapters in Brian Dennis's book "Projects in Sound" is devoted to musical mobiles. Some of these pieces are included in the Music For Young Players series. This is "Traffic Mobile" by Keith Stubbs.

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Traffic Mobile uses a rotating mobile suspended in the middle of the room to control the music with instruments grouped into different types.

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Harmony Mobile by Brian Dennis is concerned with manipulating sets of pitches using a rotating mobile as a "conductor".

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Hugh Shrapnel's Raindrops also explores sets of pitches in a ways similar to Terry Riley's  In C from 1964 and also parts of Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning written for the Scratch Orchestra (Hugh Shrapnel was a founder member) in the early 1970's

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You can listen to a performance here:  

You can find the full exhibiton on the Google Cultural Institute here: