Music for Young Players - MEDIA

The seventh, and final, article in a series on pieces for young players from the 1960s and 70s

Curated by Composer, Sound artist and Musician, Duncan Chapman.

Several of the Music for Young Players pieces were featured in BBC radio and TV broadcasts for schools. This video is of Brian Dennis and some of his students in 1969.

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Selected Links

Elis Pehknonen:

Vic Hoyland :

David Bedford:

Howard Skempton:

Hugh Shrapnel:

R Murray Schafer:

Brian Dennis:

Radio 4 programme:   The School is Full of Noises about similar work (from Jon Savage):  


Credits for series

Many thanks to

Harry Cooper (Sound And Music)

Davide Cavagnino (Google Cultural Institute)

Ann Clayton (Heritage Quay archive centre)

Elis Pehkonen (Composer) for an interesting afternoon exploring his archive and sending me the recording of Aquarelle

Vic Hoyland (Composer) for recordings

Keith Stubbs  (Composer)

Sid Stovoid (record collector)

David Ashworth, Bruce Cole, Nancy Evans, Judith Robinson, Andy Visser

Duncan Chapman, February 2017