Composers or sound artists based in or born in the UK are invited to join the British Music Collection. Scroll down to find out more...
Photo: Na'ama Zisser, London-based composer featured in the British Music Collection.



Sloth Racket - 'Shapeshifters' (Cath Roberts) | Live at the Vortex, London, May 2016

"I see improvisation as instant (usually collaborative) important form of musical communication..."

"The British Music Collection doesn’t discriminate; anything goes – see for yourself…"

"I had so much fun and felt so at home in this music... I knew immediately this was a music scene I wanted to be a part of."

Martin Butler 2

"It felt experimental: seeing what would happen if I subjected strongly iconic musical ideas to somewhat mechanical, ‘alien’ treatments and procedures."

Kay Grant voice June 2016

"There are always times – in conversation as well as in improvisation – when the best response is silence..."

"All I know is there’s a reason musicians and composers shouldn’t talk." 


The Custodians

"Improvisation to me is a journey each time, that is followed by a memory"

Marios and Maxim in a garden

Oxford Philharmonic's Marios Papadopoulos brings New Music to one of the world’s oldest Universities

We are seeking a composer to curate our tenth online exhibition with Google Arts & Culture on the theme of music and fashion!