Composers or sound artists based in or born in the UK are invited to join the British Music Collection. Scroll down to find out more...
Photo: Na'ama Zisser, London-based composer featured in the British Music Collection.




An animation produced by participants at a workshop at Heritage Quay in June 2016.


The second article in a series on pieces for young players from the 1960s and 70s

“I try to remember that making is fundamentally as natural as breathing.”

"Insights on being a woman composer" - International Women's Day 2017

We asked three New Voices 2016 about being a female composer in 2017. See what they had to say...

Creative Project Leader Harry Cooper introduces the Collection’s International Women’s Day activities.

"The 1960's and 1970's were a particularly fruitful time for music education..."

"Creative activity here, is the ability to enact a temporary alternative reality..."

"Through our installation we invited visitors to listen to five pieces, while sitting at our musical dining table."

Sloth Racket - 'Shapeshifters' (Cath Roberts) | Live at the Vortex, London, May 2016

"I see improvisation as instant (usually collaborative) important form of musical communication..."