Paul Trent is a self-taught composer and musician who has been actively composing since 2011.  Paul releases music under the band name "The Seventh Beyond", whose 10 albums (to date) are available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify and most other digital outlets.  Style-wise, Paul's compositional style is a blend of ambient, minimalist, new age, neo-classical and electronic, with influences ranging from Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, early Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno to film composers such as John Williams and Danny Elfman. Paul records for the independent record label Everlasting Resonance Records, and is a member of BASCA and the Music Producers' Guild.  Paul's music is highly suitable for use as soundtrack music (and in fact is available for use as such from the production music library SoundVault (subject to SoundVault's standard terms & conditions)).  Paul's most recent work is the album "Hidden Treasure (Unreleased Gems, Artefacts & Curios)" by The Seventh Beyond, released in November 2016.


Paul Trent