Joe Gilling is an audio artist based in Brighton UK, known for works exploring the collision between technology and life.

Joe currently works on a variety of audio/visual projects which exploit technologies and define what it means to be human today. Whilst studying digital music and sound arts in 2018, Joe began releasing commercial digital music projects online and took on bespoke commission proposals for advertising campaigns. His approach to sound is influenced by a broad spectrum of styles, often resulting in the creation of music which adheres to no single genre. It is fair to say that Joe’s audio works consistently spark listeners’ attention, successfully achieve clients’ briefs, and artistically pose questions about the virtual world we now live in.

Joe’s sound is often defined through unusual swung and off-kilter rhythms, haunting and ethereal vocal samples, and ambient washing soundscapes. His growing portfolio exemplifies his artistic diversity; being able to create abstract and conceptual pieces heard through Evanescent Places, to more political and emotionally charged works such as Unknown Impetus/Existent Decay. Joe embraces technologies from the past and the present to merge music and visual media into an aesthetically distorted and eerie third-person perception of himself.


Joe Gilling

Brighton , East Sussex
United Kingdom
50° 49' 21.108" N, 0° 8' 13.7868" W
East Sussex GB