Matteo Zambon is an emerging composer. A native of Treviso, Italy, he began playing the classical guitar at the age of seven and soon, inspired by his love of classical and film music, decided to try his hand at composing as well.

In 2014 he composed the incidental music to a performance of Euripides' tragedy "Hippolytus" at the Greek theatre of Akrai, Sicily for the International Youth Festival of Classical Theatre.

More of his music includes the orchestral pieces "Wings of a Dream" and "The Witch’s Curse" (2014), "Going West" (2015), and "George’s Breakdown" (2016) and the folk-inspired "Dear Esther" (2016). These are mostly short, narrative pieces of music that tell stories through a plain melodic style.

He is currently collaborating with Polish folk duo, White Sail, fusing his melodic style with the duo's Celitic sensibilities and vocal and guitar-playing talent.


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Matteo Zambon

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