Patrick John Jones (b. 1989, London) is a British composer currently based in York whose music has been performed by artists and groups such as the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s Ensemble 10/10, Mahan Esfahani, Jane Chapman, The Fidelio Trio, Lontano, The Kreutzer Quartet, The Ligeti Quartet, Octandre and Dark Inventions. He has earned commissions and performances from a variety of new music promoters, including Sound & Music for their Portfolio scheme and new dots. He is the current recipient of the Britten Sinfonia’s OPUS2014 commission, chosen for the “energy, variety and confidence” of his music.

Patrick took courses in composition with Thomas Simaku and Roger Marsh during his BA in Music at The University of York and continued studies to masters level at Kings College London with Rob Keeley. He is now working towards a PhD in Composition at The University of York, supervised by Thomas Simaku and funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

His music is published by Composers Edition. Press On Uhtceare: "dramatically assured" - Steve Crowther, York Press (12/05/2014) On Unfurl: "The other new piece on the bill, Unfurl, by Patrick John Jones, was more arresting, with an acerbic clarinet seeping across a bed of strings like a dark stain" - Alfred Hickling, The Guardian (19/03/2014) "Patrick John Jones’ spare, shimmering musical mirage" - Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo (18/03/2014)


Patrick John Jones

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