Martin Loridan graduated from the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM) where he obtained 4 "Premiers Prix". He currently pursues a PhD in composition (practice-led research) at the University of Leeds. His research is funded by the prestigious "Stanley Burton Scholarship" and "Leeds Doctoral Scholarship" (Double Award).

His works have been performed worldwide by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Arditti Quartet, Klangforum Wien, ECCE, Quatuor Tana, Cepromusic, Ensemble Xenia, Lucilin, Soundinitiative, Ensemble Mise-en, l’Instant Donné. He has achieved distinction in several composition competitions such as the Reinl Prize (Vienna), Ecce composition competition (New York), Prix André Jolivet (Paris), EstOvest competition (Turin), Vareler Prize (Berlin).

His recent works, such as Cinq Figures Errantes, investigate the role of gesture and its visual impact on the performance; String Quartet n°3 explores the integration of "Souffle" (air and breath) and challenges the borders between instrumental performance and human perception.

His current projects include the composition of a cycle of solo and chamber pieces involving the use of Resonance/Space/Amplification.

He teaches composition since 2010 and lives in Paris and London. His works are published at BabelScores.


Martin Loridan