Ion Marmarinos (born 1975, Greece) is a classical composer. He studied Orff’s system when he was 5 and began composing at 9. At that time, he began studying classical piano and Hindemith theory at the Athenaeum conservatoire in Greece.
After completing his business studies in Greece and the US he studied ethnic and classical percussion in Greece before moving back to the US where he lived for another 6 years. He studied classical concert composition and film scoring at New York University with Jerica Oblak, Sonny Kompanek and Justin Dello Joio after receiving his Masters’ degree. His concert music has been performed in New York where it received several distinctions and awards. He has also composed music for independent film productions, dance performances and theatrical plays in the US and Greece. As a conductor he worked on his own music for film and theater as well as on selected pieces from the romantic and twentieth century repertoire. As an educator he has been instructing music theory, harmony, ear training, piano and percussion at conservatoires, primary and secondary schools in the US and Greece. Among his future collaborations are the Orchestra of Colours, conductor Teodor Currentzis with MusicAeterna, and several renowned contemporary chamber ensembles and orchestras in the UK. He turned down a research scholarship to study at the University of Birmingham in order to work toward his PhD in composition at King 's College London with Robert Keeley and Silvina Milstein.


Ion Marmarinos