Greta Eacott is a percussionist and composer working primarily with live, acoustic music that combines elements of spatial aesthetics and improvisation into compositions. Across all her work is an exploration of her interest in ma, the Japanese aesthetic concept of space-time.

As a percussionist she has performed across the UK, Europe and Japan and studied with a range of percussionists including marimba virtuoso and composer, Keiko Abe, at the Toho Gakuen School of Music, Tokyo. An ongoing project is composing for, and performing with the g·bop orchestra; and working with a new method of graphic musical notation, the floor score; that uses movement in space to generate live music. In the past year she has received a number of commissions to develop this method of notation in performances of interactive public art piece GESTURES across the UK; as well as in month long exhibition, Penumbra, at APT gallery in May 2014. This autumn she spent seven weeks working as percussionist in residence on the island of Veddel, Hamburg, for German DeutschesSchauSpielHaus production, New Hamburg. She is currently based in Scandinavia, studying for an MA Nordic Master: improvisation with specialisation in composition and performance. · @OneTakeRecords ·


Greta Eacott